Winning infographics

infohackit hack events give participants the opportunity to explore their creativity and to collaborate with team mates. At some of our events, participants have the extra motivation of impressing a judging panel. We are delighted to show a collection of the infographics created by the victorious teams from some of our competitive infohackit events.

Well done everyone!

Infographic by team My Chemical Romance
Anglian Centre for Water Studies Infohackit 2017 My Chemical Romance

Anglian Centre for Water Studies infohackit

Infographic by team Ositos Compartidos, English language
Relative Risk infohackit Nottingham 2017 Ositos Compartidos


Relative Risk infohackit

Infographic by team The Crabsters
env.infohackit Norwich 2016/17 The Crabsters

env.infohackit 2016/17 Norwich

env.infohackit Manchester 2016/17 Brain Over Prawn – also national env.infohackit champions!

env.infohackit 2016/17 Manchester

env.infohackit 2016/17: Grand Final

Infographic from team Shumo
env.infohackit Birmingham 2016/17 Shumo

env.infohackit 2016/17 Birmingham

env.infohackit Plymouth 2016/17 Alien Invaders

env.infohackit 2016/17 Plymouth

env.infohackit Southampton 2016/17 – Acid Trip

env.infohackit 2016/17 Southampton

EnvEast infohackit 2016 – Our Glorious Leader Phil (we’re trying to get the full animation of this one…) 

EnvEast infohackit 2016

M-KEN infohackit 2015 – A-Team

M-KEN infohackit 2015

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